Building Amenities:  
* Riverwalk access Pedestrian walkway along the Milwaukee River
* Skywalk access Connecting to shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.
* On-site parking Offering tenant & short-term guest parking
* Wells Fargo Bank Offering banking services and ATM
* Building conference center Available by reservation
* Nexus 100 East Tenant area with soft seating, small conference rooms, Wi-Fi access
* Dry Cleaning Service Pick-up & drop-off service
* Indoor car wash Exclusive to 100 East tenants
* Shoe shine service Timeless service available during business hours
* Distributed Antenna System Outstanding cellular service within building
* Freight dock
* 24-hour security
* On-site storage

* Fusion Deli Fresh sushi and deli options
* Farmer's Fridge Fresh salad vending
* Edible Arrangements Fruit smoothies and edible fruit gifts